The Bases of the Energy Transition to Catalonia approved by the Government in January 2017 design the path towards a new 100% renewable energy model by 2050 and where citizens will have a central role.

In November 2016, the EC presented the “Net Energy for all Europeans” strategy identifying the 3 pillars: citizen empowerment, renewable energy and energy efficiency , at the same time it defines as essential policy that the citizen can generate your own energy, store it and share or sell it to the electrical system; evidences the need to move towards the democratization of energy .
Produce and consume your own energy, self-consumption allows it!
Catalonia is moving towards the energy transition, a process that places citizens at the center of the new energy model and implies its empowerment.

How? Going from being passive consumers to generators of their own energy for self-consumption, storing it and finally sharing it with other users. Photovoltaic self-consumption will transform the energy model of the updated allowing homes to be self-sufficient and take advantage of the Sun as a free and clean energy resource.

When there are sufficient domestic installations of photovoltaic self-consumption, it will also reach shared self-consumption, through distribution networks among the different self-consumers throughout the territory, giving way to solar communities.
Unfortunately, today there are false myths and misinformation about self-consumption in society that slow their development. The Catalan Energy Institute wants to disseminate with this campaign all the information on photovoltaic self-consumption to dismantle myths and allow citizens to take into account this new model of energy consumption as a legal option, viable both technically and economically, clean and responsible.


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