DiselEnergy is the business solution of the Diselmatic Group to channel the demand for renewable energy solutions by companies and households in our portfolio. Three decades ago we decided to dedicate ourselves to renewables and put at your disposal our experience and the best technology. We innovate so that you change the "chip", and that this of the renewable energies, are very easy for you.


The mission of this company is to be the engineering, and renewable energy installation company of reference for our clients, this objective obliges us to adapt the principles of the Diselmatic Group as the basis of our business philosophy: Transparency, Quality, Service, Respect, Innovation, Excellence , Responsability and compromise. These values ​​in our relationship, are endorsed by the major manufacturing brands we work with, with more than 25,000 references in products.


From DiselEnergy we focus our efforts on the continuous application of each and every one of these principles, without considering another model of action, which has led us to become a benchmark of our main activity, which is to achieve maximum savings in the homes of our clients and contribute to a more sustainable world and without having to add a new invoice to your economy.

We specialize in taking advantage of the clean and natural resources that nature offers in your home for light, hot water, heating and air conditioning.


Si los líderes del mundo se niegan a liderar el cambio climático lo hará la ciudadanía del mundo.

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